Too many things happen at the same time.



While I am being pinpointed, it is really a true time to see a true face of your surrounding people.

Yes, I am accepting all criticisms.

Yes, I am listening to my closest pals angers, about how I make them no lives.

Yes, I am trying my best to change my mindset and behaviour.

Yes, I am trying my best to save all the troubles for everybody.




In the end, I just get another pin in my heart again. I am not trying real hard? 

Everybody will just using their mouth and enlarge my weaknesses, neglecting my effort.

Yup, it might be small to you all my dear good friends. But it is big to me.

I have already done all I have to and don't have to.

You all, my dear good friends should not be asking more that are not you can ask.


After a while, this passes.

I shall become stronger to withstand all of you, those silly stupid people with no brain who don't care about other people feelings.

I shall become a person that have no dignity to you but dignity to myself.

Promise. I won't be angry anymore. I got no feelings, no emotions, no limit.


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